GIBP emphasizes its mission to train a “cross-disciplinary professional”. Its curriculum is designed to provide students with various core courses concerning essential knowledge and techniques of environmental planning and design. Therefore, the program focuses on a series of workshops, which enable students to have hands-on experiences of professional practice as well as to integrate knowledge of various disciplines. Along with the workshops includes a range of lecture courses about the history, theory, analysis, implementation and management of the environment, that are offered to form a basic instruction scheme for the professionals. In addition, GIBP would provide technical courses according student’s interests and their own career plans, thus making GIBP’s curriculum both integrated and flexible.


To earn a master degree in GIBP, a student is required to complete at least 39 credits of courses (15 credits of required courses and at least 24 credits of elective courses, excluding foreign languages and thesis writing). A doctoral student is required to complete at least 24 credits of courses (excluding foreign languages and dissertation writing).

國立臺灣大學 建築與城鄉研究所