cross-scenario fieldwork


Old town restoration cross-scenario fieldwork of Xu Village through art participation

Time: 2013.7—2013.8

Location: Xu Village, Heshun County, Shanxi Province, China

Action brief:

Using Taiwan’s participation in design and planning methods, the goal of the Xu Village social implementation cross-scenario fieldwork took place through the 2013 “Heshun International Rural Art Festival” and brought Xu Village into the old town and rural village planning. We hoped that with the participation of the residents, this progressive, participatory and restorative process will connect Xu Village to the international platform and facilitate interactions with cities through the festival mechanisms. More importantly, this action will induce a reflux of local youth so that they can revitalize Xu Village economy and the old town landscape.

Main activities:

(1)     Designing the Xu Village Museum: renovation of the old storage barn

Interact with artists and local residents to understand their needs. Utilize previously unused spaces through alteration and re-use designs to connect Xu Village to the world, as well as encourage local and international art experts to go into rural areas to work with the local communities to reach the goal of art creation and art education.

(2)     Rural tourism renovation

Rural tourism is the smallest cell unit that shows the relationship reaction between urban and rural areas, as well as demonstrates the differences between urban and rural areas. The objective of the rural tourism renovation is to bring the participation of Taiwan’s planning design experience into the renovation of the Xu Village rural tourism and through resident participation, formulate with feasible proposals that take into consideration the actual space and the financial capabilities of the farms. It is the hope that an easily understandable and applicable renovation reference model can be created so that the model can serve as an example for the rural tourism renonvation. Moreover, it the hope that through this restorative process people will be able to see the value of “home” in the rural areas, and gradually establish the confidence and affirmation that Xu Village is a part of the rural area but Xu Village is also home.

(3)     Local education: interactive English classes in the village

We also need to propose an education plan for the community and society. Currently the residents are in urgent need of the communication skills and knowledge of external participants, including foreign language skills. The cross-scenario fieldwork team collaborated with Xu Village’s university student Xiaoyu to teach local children English to advance the communication skills of local residents and visiting artists. It was also the hope to understand Xu Village’s social network through this, and at the same time consider practical social issues such as how to encourage outflowing talent to return home.



Beijing IFoU

Following on from the 2011 IFoU (International Forum of Urbanism) in Barcelona, the 2012 two week Summer School in Beijing was organized by the College of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Beijing University of Technology and took place from June 29-July 13. The theme was Urban Re-Development and Public Transport in Beijing and examined the redevelopment of Beijing and its public transport system and related planning design concerns.

Profaser :Kang Min-Jay
Student :Lin Guan-Nian、Chen Wei-Zhi、Gao Xiao-Ting、Zhang  Geng-Wei、Zhang Shi-Wei 

PDF down lode :
1.Front cover (360Kb)
2.Introduction (38Mb)
3.Subway Development and New Centrality(29Mb)
4.Urban Rail Transit Network, Social Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (33Mb)
5.Public Space, Urban Morphology and Public Transport Node  (32Mb)
6.Public Transport and “Green” Neighborhood (26Mb)




Planning for Bayanihan


TOMKOK Christian university Planning and design

Our mission is to establish the best Christian university in Central Asia and to produce the best students with the highest moral standards. Students will live and study in a Christian learning environment taught by senior retired and voluntary faculty recruited from around the world. Graduates from our university will return to their homes to be of service to humanity and to the Lord.

TOMKOK Christian university Planning and design achievement report

國立臺灣大學 建築與城鄉研究所