Research centers

Research Center for Gender and Space

Research Director: Prof. Herng-Dar Bih

The center conducts research on the physical environment from feminist perspective and publishes regularly the Newsletter of the Research Center of Gender and Space.


Research Center for Globalizing Cities

Research Director: Prof. Liling Huang

The Center focuses on studying the following issues of Asian cities: (1) How do the Mega-Urban Regions (MUR) and urban transformation take place? (2) How do the changing urban structures affect the livability of cities? (3)How does the civil society respond to the urban transformation? (4)What are the innovative initiatives from the governments of different levels to proceed on the new urban and regional governance? (5)What are the new regional interactions among the Asian cities under the global dynamics?


New Ruralism Research and Development Center

Planning Director: Prof. Sheng Lin Chang

The center explores and promotes ecologically sensitive and socio-culturally diverse rural development patterns. It searches for successful green cases in rural villages, towns, and cities across the Taiwan Strait and around the world. Through professional practices, it invents alternative ways to balance socio-cultural, economic and ecological relationships among countryside, rural towns, suburbs, exurbs and cities.


The Research Laboratory for Urban Settlements and Landscapes:

Planning Director: Min-Jay Kang

This lab intends to adopt the typological and morphological methodology for the researches of urban settlements and urban landscapes. Based on a wide range of case studies and theoretical references, the proposed researches will analyze the dynamic processes as well as the differences and common traits of human settlements in various urbanized regions and cities, and, from the inherited contradictions between urban planning and organic conglomeration, further explore the socio-spatial roles of housing enclaves, historical or informal villages, and everyday-life practices in modern cities.